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what happened in clevedon a while ago.

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orry dudes, Haven’t had any internet over here in this weird little scout camp thingy. Were based over in blockhouse bay. Its got a pretty nice feel to it. cute sail designs on posts and even the seating around the area is bow shaped. Also the Natural history museum or whatever has put up photographic styled paintings and murals on the sides of shops and stuff. It’s pretty cool I have to say, seeing them show some pride themselves, even if their beachs suck. =P

So far, while being here me and Frank have snorted, salt, pepper, a marshmallow, and milo. Jman, Zak atak, and Frank did another raw egg skulling. We also had fun shoving 6 melted marshmallows in our mouths. Not particularly gross but when it came out it was.

The rooms are child size, like a size 7 shoe size. I have taken to sleeping on the floor, much more comfortable. The other night I tried sticking a coke bottle to Zak Ataks face while he slept. I was Sniggering far to hard to do it stealthily, He half awoke and smudged the ados through his hair. I dropped the bottle on his bed and bolted. What I heard for the next five minutes scared me. Exasperated breathing and a sharp crash sound of a bottle being thrown across the room. Then a “What the…” as he found out that various pieces of lint and pillow found a sudden attraction for his face. About an hour later he came out and sprayed us all with shaving cream. I congratulated him but he was obviously still half asleep cause he thought Peaky (Mike) was me cause Zak hit him with the shaving cream worse. It was all up the walls and everything. Later on he tried filling my shoes with shaving cream. I sorta noticed but couldn’t see any in there, so I put ‘em on. The cream must have dissolved into my souls or something cause it never bothered my feet or anything. So that prank didn’t work out to well. Apparently he has more tricks up his sleeve. But Micheal and Louise took us for anger management today so if Zac unwisely decides to take revenge Ill keep this bible verse in mind. Romans 12:20. I shall heap hot coals on his head. =)

We had a fire going for the past two nights. Its been awesome. Singing songs, and telling some of my fairy tales to the team.

We have now arrived at Camp Sladdin. Middle of no where. Its amazing catch phrase is “New Zealands premier adeventure park.” Perhaps it was back in the 1930s. Its main feature was having an indoor toilet and 3 story high bunk beds. It also has tipable cows and chasable sheep. This weekend is gonna be cruisy since a bit of the team has gone off on flexi leave. This will give some time to catch up on much needed sleep…

Hastings and work

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I’m A little gutted. I did a huge mass of writing on one of the other laptops, its now totally out of my reach somewhere. Hopefully Ill be able to grab it at some stage and give you some more details of what happened there. Just as a little teaser of what happened in the two silent weeks of no internet access.
Snorting marshmallows, salt, pepper, milo, citris acid in the eyes, a bottle stuck to Zacs face in his sleep and a spoon fest in the middle of a field.

I’ll elaborate a bit more about clevedon for ya, to fill in the gaps of what mum talked about yesterday. The rock climbing, ah, what to say about the rock climbing. Imagine going to a rock climbing place and being able to do whatever you liked. Climbing the ropes to the very center roof. playing crazy ass games when you are attached to two ropes leading up to the roof, running towards the wall, while four other run past you holding the other end of the ropes, just before you get to the wall you go shooting up into the air backwards. Me and frank climbed half way up and tied the rope so we were both dangling half way. We could jump around and stuff. It earned me a few nice bruises.

Clevedon street art is pretty non existant. There is some metal sculpture outside a cafe if that counts. Cruising around South Auckland I found Some aight pieces. But on the whole, the graff over that side of town looks sorta messier than usual. I found a Component robot sticker on the back of a car which was pretty buzzy. I found a stencil by a guy called Bonus. Over by silvia park I found another trust me sticker. There was a fence near this round-a-bought which was tagged every morning, but a few hours later when we went past it would always have been buffed out. They are really Busy little bees when it comes to whiping out the tags. I Don’t mind much, it was just scrawls anyway.

Ok so we did a six hour drive to hastings. We got to meet Eddies girlfriend, shes ok I guess. To entertain ourselves on the trip we would ask Eddy if we could stop off at (every) McDonalds so we could take a leak. It was Lol worthy. Funny thing was Peaky was busting the entire time but no one believed him. We saw a Stencil of Peepshows, and while in hamilton I saw an OBEY sticker. Who would think that OBEY would have spread all the way to New Zealand. Frank fell asleep in the car with his mouth open again. I took it as an opportunity to dispose of my receipt by ripping it up into small pieces and dropping it into his mouth.
We stopped off at Taupo For lunch, it was filled with tons of people for the iron man marithon. I convinced Frank we had to snort Tomato sauce. It was rather tangy. We went to the bathrooms to clean ourselves up and I decided to blow frozen coke over the door onto Zac. He didn’t know there was another guy in the cubical beside him and he was like “Aaaaaw, this is not good.. This sucks!.. This is gonna stain! I hate you guys.” Which with hindsight could sound pretty bad. Anyway he came out and I went in, frank threw water over the door onto me. I just sat there dripping for a few seconds, then let out a dilayed high pitched shrill scream. fortunatly for me a guy was coming through the door when I screamed. He was like “WOA. That scared the shit out of me!! What was that!? Was that you??” he said to frank and J. He was giggling my head off in the cubical.
Arriving at Hastings I soon realized Im living in the middle of nowhere. We stayed at riverbend church, which looks more like a camp which happened to have a church on it. Me and eddy got stuck on the wrong side of the river at one point cause peaky tied up the barge. We had a two hour walk, cutting through orchards etc.
Yesterday we got to check out where we will be working. I think it should be all good. I get picked up tomorrow at six thirty for my first day. Today the group got broken up to be billited with our host families. Hugs galore and single tears shed. We havent been away from each other for an entire month. It really is quite sad. Me and Peaky have been put together which is cool. Our host family seems nice enough. I got broad band woop woop.

Titles are gay

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this is mum YAY…..
Im pretty much the most awesome person at headspace 🙂
well we have just left auckalnd for the first time in 4 weeks which is awesome but i must say i did really enjoy the last week at camp sladdin.
we had a fun adventure corse thing that me and frank did like 4 times over i rocked at it hahhaah except for the rope swing thing i just feaked myself out. but i did improve in the monkey bars but i still cant actually do them stupid weak muscles!!
the week was full of interesting nites such as eeling (the boys thought they were the greatest when they cause the tiniest eel in the world) but hey we can give them credit for trying. we also had a nite of the veggietales AND WHO CAN RESIST THE VEGGIETALES?? we are really just all big kids at heart.
Who can forget the amazing nites of star gazing. its the the most beautiful thing in the world i even managed to see the smallest shooting star which was awesome, it was like the first one i can remeber ever seeing so i was excited even if it was only small. Izak saw a shooting star that was incredible it had a tail and everything he was quite proud of himself 🙂 that nite was a good one staying up till 2 in the morniong talking about little white men running from the bushes to scare peaky (i freaked the heck out of peaky that was quite entertaining)
we also heard some morporks our theroy was they were threatning to beat each other with sticks and the fact that one had a wife was enough to scare any morpork off.
those were pretty much our fun filled nites at camp sladdin.
but i couldnt leave without telling you about the guys search to show off their muscles and compete to show who is the best in a good old rock climbing match. well maybe it wasnt so much of a competition to start with but anything to do with guys and strength usually turns into a competition to see whos strongest or fastest or wat ever other way you can find to compete. I didnt actually go but i heard they had alot of fun im sure izak ccould update you on that adventure.
After our long hard tiring week (which wasnt actually i just like to exagerate) we headed off to Hastings which is only like a 5 – 6 hour drive no wonder we were all super excited to sit in a car for hours on end with lots of other smely bodies seriously who could resist that?? well we had no choice anyway so we got shoved into cars and we left auckland (tear) its wasnt all that bad we did get to stop in taupo for a hearty meal of McDonalds and then back on the road to riverbend camp which is where we are now.
Its a pretty sweet camp i must say, we even have a pool and another bug zapper that they boys were greatly excited by, but it will only be short lived cause we going to live with our billiets 2moro EXCITING!!!!! we get a real home for a month and we even get the luxury of acouch which i have been craving.
so yeah sorry its long but i a girl and i tend to write lots so sorry if you get bored or it dont make sense im a pretty useless writter but it was fun anyway.
take care
Love MUM!!

Dumpster Diving

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I went dumpster diving on valentines day and found this old tatty board and decided to deck it out in true holiday spirit. “Happy Vampires day”, Thats what I presume it is. Walking around the streets all I can presume is that its vampires day. All that neck biting going on between happy couples and the sharing of body fluids.
Everyone did valentines cards for everyone. Fun fun. Woop woop.

We leave this camp tomorrow. Thank goodness. I havent wanted to wash any of these clothes by hand. and I’m in short supply… I think thats why I’m not getting as many hugs as before. -_-
I also seem to be catching Jo’s cold. DARN YOU. Darn you to HECK!

So yea, Happy Vampires day girls. I know at least one reads this. ha ha, Hanna.

We did a talent show just before. Twas pretty sweet. Everyone was hilarious. Me and a couple of the other guys dressed up as the team from Anchorman, I swept my hair back, wore aviators and turned fanmagically into briane fantana. Oooh riiight!
J-man: Perspectives… Hard. But rewarding.
There you have it folks.

Mud ‘n Red

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This is drawn by Frank in his study book.

Hey, Wassup. Thought I might tell you about what happened Last night. Ho-kay, so theres the quary down the road from where we are camping out. We went back down to check it out cause it was a good excuse for a walk. This was with Hanna, J man and Mum. We were having a gawk around when we saw the bottom of one of the giant pits. Most were filled with this crystal green water. This one was slightly raised from the rest and was dried out. Most of the mud looked firm but deseptivly soft. Also a layer was all flat and hugely cracked from the sun, like the desert in the land before time. Hanna said it would be a good photo Op and that I should jump down there to pose with it. So I made like little foot and started hoping down, careful to avoid the soft mud. I found a dry LOOKING piece and took the rest of the slope with a jump onto the mud. I hit it and kept going up to my knees. I was just stuck there like a screwed Mammoth in a tar pit. I got one leg out but my right leg was so far down I couldn’t pull it out without loosing my shoe or my balance. J man came down and helped pull me out. The girls were lolling their heads off =D. My leg was covered in so much mud I was walking with a heavy limp. I eventually washed it all off. I still smell like grey mud and…. I forgot.. Frank distracted me with a book whos authors last name is trollop. What a stink name. How can you take a family seriously with a name like that? If there are any trollops out there I don’t apologise, but could you tell me how you get along with a name like that? Are there lots of horrible people like me out there that ask dumb questions like this? I shall endevour to find out…

We started the first of the perspectives today. Piece of lemon merang pie ai, easy. Unless your everyone with an out dated reader *Stares at Zac Atak*

Me, mum and Hanna decided to walk all the way to the Golf course by the Cascades, I found a golf ball in no time at all, mum had no luck. (Lol) We decided to cut through the bush to get back to the road. We had a huge adventure… And ended up on just the other side of the golf course rough. -_-, Still amazing though.

Happy Valentines. Ill do something a little special for yall girl readers out there hopefully tomorrow.

This is by that red elephant, in boston.

Bethels and the cut collective

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Wow, It was sorta weird seeing everyone at church and Keir ‘N Matt at the mall on sunday. I feel like its been ages already, but its only been a week. I’m certain now that Ill have changed a lot by the end of this year. Izak The Mature is what I will be known as in all the great epics and tales that the bards will sing. They will speak of my great diction and straight faces. The way in which I could speak seriously on the merits of the colours avocado and contemporary Avocado..

Ok, The team is starting to get a little tired now. We got waken up shortly after breakfast finished, thanks for that -_-. We are now camping out at karanga about 5 or 10 minutes from Bethels Beach. Its not as nice as Mount Eden. The toilets ironically smell like old urine but thankfully mostly everything has dried out since yesterday so at least the camp doesn’t feel dispearingly like damp as it did when we first arrived. We start doing homework and stuff this week, so its starting to look like its gonna get a bit more intense. People are starting to get a little on edge, just a little, this is from the lack of sleep, and a cold seems to be stalking around. Also Franks starteling resemblance to House isn’t helping. But hey, people with limps have a right to be angry. =P Oh yea, his legs starting to go a little more purple, but the swellings stopped. Hes got nice kankles at the moment though.

We did a photo hound around Auckland city on saturday night. It was an awesome test of my Auckland street Knowledge, considering I was the only one that actually knew my way around. It was hilarious. I was wearing a pair of Jo’s Panties on top of my pants. I was walking past the Auckland hospital to go and unlock the van to get some more toilet paper (Don’t ask, long story) and There were two samoen girls walking past, I scratched my but to lift my t-shirt a bit so they could see the monkeys on my panties. After I got down the road a bit I could hear them laughing their heads off. On my way back from the van, Proudly holding roll of toilet paper in hand I went past two more girls as I walked past them I heard “..Guy wearing Girls panties in PUBLIC..” and I responded with, “HELL YEA *Insane Face* Im a super hero, What can I say??”

While we got lost down some random side streets in town (Wasn’t my fault I swear it….I.. PROMISE.) We found (Oh my gosh) A trailer fully decked out by Kool, trust me, component, peepshow, enforce one, and flox. I was like “STOOOOP” I jumped out and grabbed some awesome flixs. My batteries ran out before I could get a photo of the Trust me side =(. But its all good. Also on the way to Bethels I found a sticker by Kiwi Dance Town. If you guys wanna know more about the auckland art and music scene I suggest You head down to real groovy and pick up the magazine “Sideroom.com” Its awesome. Also while your at real groovy try and find the sticker combo by the Cut Collective team (They are all the people I have mentioned in this paragraph. So yea, eventful street art spoting this weekend.

Break my leg, Break my concentration.

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Well here I am at 1am in the morning, Franks teaching Mum, Zak atak, and Wazowski how to play hearts. New in jokes have been spawned. Scratch the side of your head with your whole hand and look away from the respective person you have had an embarrassing conversation with, while making chomping sounds. Thus a make believe pak man creature eats your head.
Moments ago frank was releasing gas and wind from various orroficies at wazowski. Think that hiding under her top would be a good idea she pulled it over her face. As a counter measure she made sure franks finger got a taste of her eye.
Yesterday on the mount We decided to go for another walk up the mount. In a flurry of excitement Frank ran off to take a leak behind a tree. Before he got 5 metres he was already on the ground Howling. I admit I laughed when I saw it, but that was before I knew he had a sprain, or a break, or something. The X rays haven’t come back yet. He’s got it in a moon boot at the moment. Misleading name though, it is not air tight, and it doesn’t give you half the gravity of a regular boot.
We went to the beach for a bit which was groovy. “ILL NEVER LET GO JACK!” Immediatly lets go.
Zak atak standing by some props for a local production of king lear.
Tomorrow is a free day. Its the day where we let all the out of towner’s run out and get lost down our many “Friendly” side streets.
I found out the name of that crazy squiggly legs sticker artist. “Border Line.” Hes done a few more around Mount Eden. “Eden Crips” Went mental the other night and put stickers all over the place.
Things in the Bible that make me lol:(Exodus Ch.5 V.13) “Does that big sword make you a friend?” “…Maybe.”
(Nehemiah Ch.2 V.1) product placement in the bible “Hmmm I dunno, We have a better offer from ford.”
The hardest worker (Ch.3 V.20) “Oh my gosh! Nehemiahs writing a book isnt he? Damn, If I get in I better look as though I’m working!”
I have seen this dude around before, if anyone can read the wild styles or tell me who he is Ill probably be greatful or something.

Franks Soooo Cool Its scary

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(“No, Put me,” Says Mum. & we all Know Mums the word.)

Hoky poky. So we had more personality tests today. Didn’t learn anything particularly new. Turns out Im a peaceful playful. So I get laxed out and good listeners, and also I love talking and getting in your face. Or so they say, I personally dont believe them, Im OUBviously a powerful leader who likes to line up pencils.

I need to slow down on this spending thing. Im going through it like we go through food a headspace. Or the way I go through coke….. At any point..

Last night we decided to play cheat. It pretty much ended with me *trying* to burp, falling off my chair onto the floor, and pulling a constipated expression while trying to laugh… Good times. Wazowski, Atak, Frank, and flash having a laughing fit.

frank here!@! just a quick what up and to say (i farted) i rock and roll (i built this city on that too) all night long, sweet suzi. oh and its not a very good idea to try and eat half of a watermelon larger than your head, as the oh so lovely mum and i found out this afternoon. i must say though, im slightly embarrassed at all the attention that zac atak is getting from the ladies, im not sure if they are joking or not, and frank (myself) and flash. i myhself have actually been told to get sleeping pictures of him, i might take a eyebrow for them for some DNA… LOL once again, im the man XD peace out xox

(Izak flash Again) Sorry, Im a gimp, MOUNT Eden, not GLEN eden. I noticed I kept saying that in my last post.

D-Day+4 (Waitangiday)

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Woohoo. It is awesome as. 5 guys 10 gals. Having trouble remembering the girls names but I got all the guys on the first day.

The awkwardness didnt last as long as I thought. Actually we all pretty much clicked to begin with. Jeeze. I wish I could list all the in jokes which have already been spawned. Violent spoons for one. “That so nimrod” Has also picked up steam this morning because of some comments I made about the bible verse Genesis ch 10 vs 9. Im gonna try and make it popular again.

Russel took us for some hardcore study today. We have been put at the base of Glen Eden. Went for what must be our 5th walk to the top.

Sleep has been something I should be getting more of as well. Meh, Who cares. Only one other guy comes from Auckland (South). Others have come from as far afield as christchurch

Signs seem to be extremely scummy around here. even with all the posh as houses. Ha ha. We spied a waitangi day party from on top of the mount and decided to check it out. they had a brass band and a lot of suits. The police at the gates seemed to be rather serious about their job so we decided mixing and mingling wouldn’t work out to well.

Frank and Mum are my favourite.. Ill make them fight to the death to see who is the ultimate favourite.

I have been instantly recognized as the Cartoonist in the team. My Study Notes Look more like spasticated graphic novels. I Never realized that noah got naked and cursed his kids. Interesting stuff.

Woohoo!! An “Ouch” Tag!Ok, Everyones Lining up to have a go. Catch ya’ll later. (Or on sunday, cause were coming to make sure church is doing ok without me there.)

Homeless People & chalk

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Homeless people –

I have discovered that if you spend a little more time getting to know your area you also discover its shameful little secrets. Hendersons a nice polished place. All the new structures going up make the place feel all new. Not to mention whoever designed them seem to have a crazed fetish for glass and sharp angles. Walking around I have come across increasing amounts of homeless people. They never bother me and I never bother them.. I sorta wonder how graffiti artists and homeless get on since under bridges are where these two species like to dwell. Its not uncommon to find them by the railway lines (As I found out while walking to work once.)

(I found this pic a while ago)

But it is surprising when You realize theres one camping out in the middle of town under a bridge where you regularly walk to get your spoilt rich butt some sugar laiden beverages.

These two pictures are taken under the bridge in Henderson, betweem falls hotel and pakNsave.

And Chalk-

Chalk is a fun way to participate in street art. For it Does no damage to anyones anything, and if it sucks it doesnt matter cause itl dissappear with the next rain. I got Matt to buy me a box of chalk for christmas and I have been putting it to some good use. Who says chalk is for little kids… Well everyone except me I guess. The “Make art not hate.” is sorta aimed at both onlookers and taggers. For the onlookers it would hopefully remind them of that 16-17 year old tagger who got killed about a week ago by a vigilante who caught him in the act. (Edit(2010): Bruce Emmary, the stabber, may or may not have not being doing it out of self defence.)
For the taggers, Do awesome art, that people will love to look at, like stuff Banksy does for instance, or some of the legal graff people do, like the one dedicated to Sir Edmund.

Is it just me or is this becoming a photo Blog. Oh well. =)