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Izak Flash Man started the site back at the end of 2007 as a blog that followed him during his gapyear. Over the intervening years it has been used for everything from the first days at uni, entry into the workforce, and various projects. Izak does pixel art, videos, comics and occasionally music. He plays a lot of video games as well which he screenshots.

Servicing The Fans

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We got Netflix recently, so this has meant a ton of offline play while commuting to and from work. I’m burning through movies at a rate comparable to when I was at uni again.

Just for the Lols I decided to start watching The Seven Deadly Sins because it looked a bit interesting. As a rule I don’t normally watch Anime so the whole casual molestation thing caught me a little off guard.

I mean, cool, fine when you’re at home. But when you’re in the bus you become extremely self aware. I’m not just singling out Anime here. Sex scenes in movies and even steamy pages in books have the same effect.

But you know, I think the person screenwatching behind you gets a kick out of it.

As an aside, I once saw a woman texting a contact she had named “Useless Waste of Space Cunt”. The contact seemed to be trying to win her back. I think it may have been a lost cause.

↓ Transcript
Watching Anime On The Bus

Why Senpai!

I’m not sure I’m alright with this.

Are you alright with this?

Maybe take a vote?

Who’s been a BAD boy

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Some things are out of our comfort zones, and we deal with it in the way we have been equipped throughout our lives. Some peoples tools for coping are in fact actual tools, and not emotional ones at all.

Btw, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook if you aren’t already!

I’m not as comfortable with colour as Becky is. So don’t go expecting amazing things from me anytime soon. I’ll ease myself into it. I don’t want to fail super publicly in front of all you guys, if you know what I mean.

I’m getting home earlier from work these days, which leaves me with an extra hour in the evening, which makes the evening go infinitely longer than it did before. Previously I’d get home with three hours before bed time. I’d be stressed out trying to jam in time to do a comic, and then after dinner I had just enough time to be a little bitch before crawling into bed and starting it all again.

So that’s why I’m able to spend a bit more time doing longer strips, which have technically been against the rules of how we run things at IZS. But after comic 300, everything is up for grabs.

↓ Transcript
*script ripped from a convo between K-Dog and I.*

Kristof: I almost feel like messaging him some inspirational tough love, but I doubt he'd ever see it.

Izak: Same. I think he would see it. He'd read everything. Because he likes to be punished

Kristof: You're probably right.

Izak: He went into a BDSM parlour once and the dominatrix was like "Who's been a bad boy."
"I have. I have been a bad boy my entire life. I'm a terrible person. I shouldn't be alive."

This Sweet Trick

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I was running around the house going “I need to do a real short comic.” Then instead I went and did our longest comic to date.

But it’s because this comic is very special! It’s comic 299! That number is just as special as 300 right? I mean the only difference is like 1 and that doesn’t mean hardly anything at all.

It’s pretty crazy to think we’ve cranked out that many comics though. It’s a pretty hefty amount. Occasionally Becky or Kristof will dip back through the strips to check out the ones we’re really proud of again. It’s surprising how many I forget exist until I see them again. To that end we’ve started doing a Throwback Thursday on Facebook. Come join the fun and laugh with us about old times when we aren’t laughing about new times.

Anyway, we’ve got a little something special incoming on Wednesday, no pressure Becky. #Hypetrain #HypeStation #HypeConductor

Open Your Mind

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The universe only has one lesson to teach you, and it’s that it hates you. To be honest, it isn’t even that. The universe doesn’t even know you exist. You just happen to get in the way of all the other moving parts.

Woo, Queens Birthday weekend! You non-imperialists can go suck a fat one. We get to enjoy a day of not working.

Right now Becky and I should be in Tauranga in a house with two Switch’s, an unholy mixture which I’ve been told leads to more fun than can be contained by one Switch.

I picked up Bomberman early last week in preparation for the weekend. I was in desperate need of a good party game and Puyo Puyo Tetris wasn’t going to cut it. Mostly because I’m a monster at it. The Tetris part at least.

Bomberman on the other hand can get up to 8 players jammed into one game. I haven’t played Bomberman since the Playstation 1 days. I’m looking at the screenshots now, and I honestly don’t remember it looking that shit.

I’m glad Bomberman wasn’t one of my first purchases though. It’s definitely not a solo experience. I don’t find the single player that engrossing and the online multiplayer is absolutely garbage on this side of the planet. I’m only getting paired with people in Japan with terrible connections. The lag is atrocious. However I expect to get plenty of local multiplayer out of this bitch, even if it means I have to force my friends to play it with me. Justify my purchase, “friends”!

↓ Transcript
Open your mind


Oh shit, I did it. I'm letting the universe in!

The Natural Way

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Sometimes the natural way isn’t always the preferable way. In fact, nature is doing it’s best to fuck you up at all times. I once bought a granola bar made completely from naturally occurring products and it turned out to be a solid block of arsenic.

But beggars can’t be choosers, and I was pretty peckish at the time.

You may notice that we have a new tab on the menu bar! “More Tales” is something we’ve been meaning to do for a long time now but now it’s finally happened. From there you can check out all the other projects we’ve been working on. These are normally full complete works that you can enjoy from beginning to end in one sitting. Check ’em out! The newest piece of work is Kristof’s The Reaper & The Shovelman story illustrated by Becky.

Perhaps when I see you guys again on Friday I might have another new piece of work up there for you all. You never know, we could even have a new ongoing strip going there one day.

Oh one other little update to the site. Mobile users should be enjoying a much more robust menu experience. ALSO, under this post you should also see a range of our products we have up in the shop, if on the off chance you want to help cloth and feed us.

↓ Transcript
I used to think that people who got cesareans were sissies.

But I just spent 20 minutes birthing six pea sized poos and it’s changed my opinion on the whole thing.

Check on Yo’ Bud

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For the upcoming issue of M2 I wrote an intro for the Health section. Consider what I’m writing now as the intro for the intro. I thought it was important enough to share here.

A few months ago a raw message was delivered to us guys from Jono and Ben of all places. Jono Pryor took time at the end of the show to talk about the suicide of a friend. His message still brings a lump to my throat as I read it now.

“I just want to say one thing. What I’ve learnt this week is that if you are suffering a mental illness… No one thinks less of you for sharing your thoughts, no one thinks less of you for taking your medicine, and no one thinks less of you for dealing with a mental illness”.

It came at a time when a mate of mine started to go on medication for anxiety and depression. He took steps quickly when he saw the slippery slope he was on and dealt with it. He admitted to me later he was only confident to do it because the crew at Penny Arcade, an online webcomic, talked about their own mental health disorders openly.

Suicide is one of the highest causes of death in men in New Zealand, and other preventable deaths take up the rest of the list.

We like to go it alone and not talk about this stuff. I know that personally I need to be told by my wife that bleeding from places you shouldn’t bleed from is in fact cause to go and have a checkup with the doctor.

It’s this stoic attitude that is screwing us over and it’s why we need groups like Men’s Health Month and Men’s Health Week and Jono Pryor to occasionally come out and remind us to get our head in the game and check up on each other.

Men’s Health Month kicks off in June, and it’s not going to take growing a mo to start taking action. All they’re asking is that we start talking about it and chatting to our mates. It’s something that’s summed up in their #MenStartTalking hashtag pretty concisely.

As you dip into the health articles that follow, all with their hot tips on how to sleep better or lose weight, remember your mates. Ask them how they’re doing, and maybe open up a little about what’s going on with yourself. You might find you’re fighting the same demons.

Prey – High Res Screens

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So I played Prey a couple weeks ago and promptly forgot about it. I should probably get back into it because there’s plenty of game to be explored. However the Switch has been making its siren calls slightly to the right of my PC.

What follows is my “first impression” write up I knocked out quickly for work, followed by the usual dump of screenshots. I didn’t take any shots of the baddies because normally they’re either A. Pretending to be cardboard boxes or B. moving really fucking fast and making me scramble around with what little resources I had.

Prey is a game of double bluffs, and intricate small moments create an impressive larger whole.

The first moments of the game seem normal enough and it sets you up for what you think will be a fairly regular experience to a space station. You spend some time in some frustratingly boring tutorial rooms that are suddenly punctuated by a yawn inducing first reveal of the antagonists. In fact the early moments that are supposed to act as tension building are laughable. I know this because I literally laughed.

However after the tutorial section concludes and you get into the meat and potatoes of the gameplay you realise that all the early part was there to teach you that you shouldn’t trust anything you see or hear.

Immediately it leads you into a larger foyer on a space station revolving around the moon and tells you to go at it. It’s from here that you reach all the other parts of the ship, which are gated off in one way or another by keycards scattered everywhere.

Voices chat to you via your headset as is mandatory in FPS games these days. Also there’s the intrigue of who to trust, a sort of “Would you kindly” dialogue. In fact I keep coming back to Bioshock when I think of Prey. There’s the environmental dangers, the twist on the art deco style, Neo Deco, and even vending machines (recycling plants) that crap out your much needed ammo.

While Bioshock is more of a straight run and gun experience Prey opts for a slower more thoughtful pacing. The first weapon you get after your trusty wrench isn’t even lethal. It’s a GLOO cannon used to slow your enemies, create staircases, and subdue environmental hazards.

The RPG element of the game means your character will be sticking a syringe into their eye and filling it full of plasmids neuromods every ten minutes. It appears to give you plenty of options on how to tackle the level, depending on how you’ve spent your points. There are hallways blocked off by heavy objects, or doors that need hacking, all of which beckon you to spend your points on engineering rather than health and damage buffs.

A surprising highlight for me is the soundtrack with it’s chill synth wave beats. Unfortunately the sound can get garbled together, as someone speaks to you loud noises can encroach over the top, with insane “fight music” and a desaturation filter drowning everything out as a single mob scampers across the floor. The sound mastering could have done with a little more work and the desperate need to put people on edge by any means necessary was well unnecessary. The lack of resources do this sufficiently enough. A couple skirmishes can leave you entirely without ammo and nothing but your wrench to protect you.

I think Bethesda has done a great job of creating a unique game, despite the parallels I’ve drawn with it being like Bioshock. Definitely check it out.

Twintelle – Arms 8Bit Pixel Art

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Want a sticker of this? I can do that!

Twintelle jumped onto the scene recently as a newly announced character that will be available in ARMS, the upcoming Nintendo Switch game.

ARMS comes across as a little bit of a gimmick game, even though I’ve been told by someone who’s had first hand experience with it that it isn’t. It’s been hard for a lot of the fans to get overly hyped either way. Despite that, the release of Twintelle and her giant butt has been exactly what the game has needed to get social media cranking out the fan art.

ARMS won’t be a day one purchase for me, but I’ll definitely have it on my list. I’ve got the Global Test Punch installed on my Switch but I haven’t had a chance to log in and play yet.

I’m currently waiting for my copy of Bomberman to ship as well.

In the meantime I might draw the rest of the girls in the lineup, and if you really dig what I do then maybe buy a sticker.

Something More Comfortable

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There’s nothing as comfortable as an outy womb!

I’ve gone full basic bitch when it comes to the Switch. Today, being payday, I wandered into an EB Games and bought a Palutena Amiibo purely because it was there. All it gave me in Breath of the wild was a few pieces of raw meat and some veges. I’m still stoked with it though. Nintendo has found the mainline into my wallet and I’m not even mad.

I’ve finally got Puyo Puyo Tetris, and I’m proud to say that you’re now talking to the 8th best player in New Zealand. Alright, so that would only make me like the 100th best in Japan (or 5000th globally) but still, you’ve got to give me this!

↓ Transcript
*Instead of a regular Transcript I have I've included the entire process conversation that lead to it's creation

Izak: A couple have just come home. The girl slinks around in her dress "Let me just... Slip into something a little more comfortable."
second panel: she's in sweat pants and a massive jumper.

Becky: I think that may have been done

Izak: Yeah 🙁

Becky: Maybe if we could make it a little more weird
What is the most comfortable thing

Izak: a marshmallow?
A dozen cats?

Becky: HAHA
A dozen cats!

Becky: Unless you twist it so she's lying on a bed of cats or something
What if!
She crawls into the pouch of a kangaroo

Izak: I dig that
I was going to say a surprisingly plush spaceship, which she proceeds to fly away in

Becky: Just looks at him "you need to try this sometime."

How to Shade and colour and shit, for noobs by noobs

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I’m writing this for Kristof, who splashed out on a Bamboo Pen & Touch. Aaah, I remember when I got my first Pen & Touch (and I invented Red Face out of frustration). Anyway, feel free to follow along as I run K-dog through some basics.

Ok so I’m going to assume you spent some time drawing a dude. Make sure there’s no gaps in your line work because it’ll make the next steps a lot easier.

Aight, get the magic wand tool from the left hand sidebar and select all the interior of your dude.

Now if you colour dumped (onto a new layer of course!) you’d get this weird gross looking white gap between your linework and your colour. That sucks so I’m going to show you how to get around that.

While the marquee is still all selected go select/modify/expand. This expands your magic wanded selection. You can also contract and shit as well. I usually expand by 3 pixels, but sometimes this is too much depending on your line width. Good for an IZS strip though where we always use a brush size of 18.

Now create a new layer below the line layer and dump some light grey in, this will be your base layer of colour. Note that the linework is overlapping the colour, no ugly white tracing around the edges, yay!

Now create another new layer, above your base colour (but still below your linework) and start shading that mofo. There’s plenty of ways to shade, just colour in black and white with the brush opacity set to pressure sensitive (top left header bar where you pick your brushes). I’ll let you find your own way to home.

Now this is the part where I shouldn’t have done a ball shape because now you get to see how little discipline I use to shade things. I’m doing this at work, leave me alone. Anyway, adding details. Note that I haven’t unselected the magic wand stuff. This means I never paint outside the lines. If only I could have done this at primary school in RL I would have been a god of colouring in.

If you accidentally unselect you can hold ctrl and click on your base colour layer to reselect. Just make sure you work on your new detail layers so you can easily reverse your mistakes.

I’m pretty happy with this. If I’m adding more detail I’d add another layer and do highlights of white and stuff. But I’ve hardly shaded this dude anyway so I won’t bother.

Ok, add yet another layer above all your detail work and paint bucket the shit out of it. All your beautiful shading is gone! Oh well. We’ll figure it out in the next step.

select your colour layer and now click that dropdown right underneath the layers tab. It’s the one that should be defaulted to “normal”. Now select “color” from the dropdown to make your blueberry look exactly like mine. Or “Multiply” if you want a dirtier look. In fact, experiment and flick through that list to see what sort of fun things happen.

If you need things to be a bit more intense right click and duplicate your shading layers to make it all a bit more dramatic. Alternatively if you went ham on the shading of a particular layer select it and then turn down the opacity in the slider next to that dropdown I was making you dick around with just before.

Have fun! Get back to writing me scripts!