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Izak Flash Man started the site back at the end of 2007 as a blog that followed him during his gapyear. Over the intervening years it has been used for everything from the first days at uni, entry into the workforce, and various projects. Izak does pixel art, videos, comics and occasionally music. He plays a lot of video games as well which he screenshots.

Just the Way You Orisa

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Orisa released yesterday on Overwatch making her the first new tank since the games release. She’s got a pretty awesome skillset which comprises of everyone else’s skills all rolled up into one.

I thought her skins had a nice variety to them, or at least, enough for a launch. I mean, sure they aren’t exactly is startlingly different as Torb’s skins can be, but they’re fine.

People complained about this perceived lack of variety, but I was able to read between the lines and give people what they really wanted.

You’re welcome.

Also, is there an actual pun in the title of the post? Maybe? I’m not sure. I wrote it in the vain hopes you’d fill in the joke.


Nier Automata – 2B – 8bit Pixel Art

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I came out of retirement to bring you 2B, from Nier Automata, a game released by Square Enix earlier in the year for the PS4, and just the other day on PC. I might pick it up as a gift to myself after the wedding, depending on whether I find something cooler in the meantime.

The game has three playable characters, but I think YoRHa No.2 Type B (2B) is everyone’s favourite. The other two are YoRHa No. 9 Type S (9S) and YoRHa Type A No.2 (A2) who I might draw later.

the main controversy of the game came when a photoshopped screengrab from the trailer gave 2b a rather accurate butthole, brown circle and all. The original image was just a regular panty shot you can expect from any Japanese made game.

However the game designer yoko Taro couldn’t help but make fun of the situation. From a translated tweet he said this:

“Due to the 2B butt controversy, many outrageous drawings are being made. Collecting them to share individually is a pain. I’d like it if I could get them sent in a zip file every week.”

Of course, when you leave a challenge like that floating out for your fans to collect you zips full of Hentai the people were more than willing to oblige.

“After saying ‘send me zips of 2B art’ word got around and I actually got a zip. The Internet is great.”



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As Jack Nicholson said in that movie “The Bucket List” that no one, including me have ever seen “Never pass up a bathroom. Never waste a hard-on. Never trust a fart.”

Just for giggles I decided to do a webcomicname version of the strip. Because at the end of the day, every comic is an “oh no” comic. Also I wish I drew the bus that way in the original strip, It’s waaaaaay better. Oh well.

↓ Transcript
Do I need to go bathroom before I leave?


I have made a grave miscalculation.


Murray Ball

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We’ve just found out that we’ve lost Murray Ball, a comics legend here in New Zealand. Footrot Flats (as well as Stanley, which were much harder to find) inspired both Becky and I to do what we do today.

His comics captured rural New Zealand in a way no other artist could. muddy fields, tussock, cabbage trees and rugged native bush pervaded his strips. He made our landscape iconic in a way.

He then gave it a soul with his lovable characters, Wall, Dog, Cooch, Horse, Rangi, and Cheeky Hobson.

My brother Ben collected the editions religiously, including the puppy dog miniature editions. I remember they were policed strictly due to the fact I was a kid, and anything put near a kid may as well get thrown into a fire. So when I could I’d beg mum to buy me a copy when we were at a second hand store. To this day, whenever I find a second hand book store I’ll go to the comics section and pick up the inevitable Murray Ball book lurking there.

The box now contains both our collections and sits in my spare room beside my own comics I’ve created.

Murray Ball, we’ll miss you.


My Glistening Eggs

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One of the grossest stories I’ve ever heard in my life was when Kristof gleefully told me about a chick who licked an envelope and got a cut on her tongue. It later exploded with cockroaches. Googling it now I see that he was actually a fucking liar. But it’s still a freaky story none the less.

↓ Transcript
Oh it is so warm and safe in here. I shall call it home.

Time to shit my eggs.

Ngyeah! Plup plup plup.

*more plups*


Paradise Lost

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Kristof wrote this script after I made him aware of the ceremony last week for the 71st anniversary of Bikini Atoll being lent to the Americans to do nuclear testing.

These small islands that are part of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific were chosen for their remote location from all flight and shipping routes. It was however the middle of the world to the 167 local inhabitants who lived a life there in that tropical paradise.

It was the height of the cold war with the Russians at the time and they were convinced to move off the atoll by the Marshall Islands military governor Commodore Ben H. Wyatt. He gathered them together after a church service and told them that the testing of the bombs was for “the good of mankind and to end all wars.”

Commodore Ben H. Wyatt addressing the Bikinians moments before they were set to leave their homes. Source

They were told they would be able to return to their homes after the tests were concluded and voluntarily moved to another atoll. However their new home Rongerik Atoll couldn’t sustain them and they starved. They were then moved to another island one sixth of the size of their original home. By the end of the tests in 1958 over 23 nukes were let off with a combined strength of 42.2 megatons. One bomb that was detonated was 1000 times stronger than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War 2. This detonation, and others, contaminated 22 atolls and single islands in the area.

In the 70s a few moved back to Bikini Atoll, but as you can imagine, there was dangerous levels of radiation still lingering, and they had to leave. To this very day the radiation levels are too high for any sort of life to safely exist there. Locals are given $550 a year for medical treatment and the decedents were given $2 billion as a “sorry” for fucking up their ancestral home.

The American policy and payout takes into account four islands exposed to the testing, and ignores the other 18.

Three islands were vaporized completely, and the crater of one was used as a dump for nuclear waste.

Speaking for the survivors of this time Enewetak Sen. Jack Ading said in a quote last week, “For most of us, the paradise that God created is just a legend from our elders. By the time most of us were born, our paradise was a paradise lost.”

↓ Transcript
A close up on a turtle in the foreground of an idyllic South Pacific island scene.
Caption: They told us they needed our paradise.

Palm trees sway violently and debris flies as if in a hurricane.
Caption: They said it was for the good of all mankind.

The now iconic mushroom cloud rises from Bikini Atoll.
Caption: They never told us our paradise would be lost.


Disaster Strikes

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This strip was originally intended as something of a B-side, but it turns out I never ever even posted the A-side. I remember drawing it and everything and I have no idea where it went! So here it is I guess.

↓ Transcript
Disaster strikes on the annual "bring your pet to work day"


Grey Wire or Grey Wire

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“Honestly, I fluked my way through the academy. It’s amazing I got this far.”

I’ve been pouring my time into weird things to get over the stress of work and the wedding (mostly work, but the wedding is like a combo multiplier). Anyone planning a wedding on a budget right now, all I can say is, don’t. Don’t even do it. Get that money you’re about to waste on a reception and take your families out to dinner at some nice-ish place that can handle your numbers and then spend the rest of it on your honeymoon. Trust me. You’ll save yourself all the clumps of hair that will fall out of your head while you’re in the shower due to stress.

Anyway, weird things I’ve been pouring my time into: building an IZS Wikipedia for no other reason than I can (feel free to add your own entries about whatever you like), Mass Effect 2, and the Hyperion Cantos.

↓ Transcript
Is this a bad time to tell you guys I’m colourblind?


Chilling With The Pack

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By now Kristof is somewhere between here and Australia on a cruise getting Ship Syphilis (otherwise known as Shipilis). It’s because he mates predominantly with inanimate objects and heavy machinery. No offence to his lovely wife of course, who can also only look on in horror.

↓ Transcript
so he's asking a kid on the playground where his son is
"Jimmy went to play with those doggies"
He turns around, wolf tells him "keep on walking."
third panel: kid pokes his head up out of the pack, blood covered face.
"Yeah dad, keep on walkin'."