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Inside Every Person

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I’m dedicating this one to all the people that work in the customer service industry. You’re treated the same way pedestrians are treated by cars. With complete disregard for your life.

So now you can feel reassured and happier knowing that terrible people are full of child corpses. It’s a bright and cheery thought.


↓ Transcript
A person is yelling at some student waitress at a fast food place.
Caption: “Remember, inside every horrible person is a child…”

Panel 2: cut away view of the inside of the yelling person, in their stomach is a decomposing corpse getting slowly melted.
Caption: "... who's been missing for several weeks.”


My Digital Sketchbook #3

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Surprisingly inbetween rounds of Overwatch trying to grind for summer game skins I somehow managed to do some drawing. The little redhead is a fan piece inspired by @ChabeEscalante

The rat cultist is for a little homebrew RPG I’m working on, which I’m hoping I’ll be able to talk about more later. Becky pointed out he looks like he’s wearing a condom suit and now I can’t get it out of my head. So now he’s ruined.


The rest of what I’ve got are even quicker doodles just trying to get some practice in, loosening up my style. I got inspired after Kristof made me read LOW, a comic put out by Image. the style is so friggin loose but perfect I just need a piece of that! Just a tiny piece. Please.