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Personal Attack

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My mind at the moment is full of constant internal  screaming about how close the wedding is. So to save you from said screaming, I’ve put some pretty pictures below. This is a preview of the colour version I’m working on for my Mermaid Spawning comic.

original comic:

I drew this when the power went to my head so drew myself as TWO mermaids. Because one couldn’t handle this majesty by herself.

Here is another comic for your viewing pleasure. True story:

And to this day, I keep him.

↓ Transcript
First panel woman hits fly with swat
Panel2: fly, "whyyyyyyy" holding guts
Woman "you made it personal when you landed on my face"

These are my scripts and they are obviously just as eloquent and beautifully written as Kristofs



Ceramic Puffer Fish Necklace

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This one of a kind ceramic necklace has jumped out of a fiery kiln and is ready to start his life as your new favourite necklace. Created from scratch by Becky Hunt, this ceramic puffer fish was made using New Zealand clay and is finished with a 16 inch stainless steel chain and clasp.

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Product Description

This ceramic puffer fish is a one of a kind creation, roughly 20 x 30mm and hung from a 16 inch (26cm) stainless steel chain. All necklace parts are made from stainless steel.

The puffer fish originally appeared in this comic.


Izak Smells – The Crossing – Ep18

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The next episode should have been our South Island trip from ages ago, but it’s such a massive project I can’t find the time or the balls to do it. However this serves as a good warm up, and has me itching to do smaller videos just to get them out there. Expect another one later this week maybe!

Matt my best man gave me perhaps the best Stag Do possible, I haven’t been this relaxed in ages with work crushing down on me with the added twist of the wedding.

Turns out walking for six hours is exactly what I needed, with all that time appended at the bar. Cheers man, it was amazing, and thanks to everyone else who came along as well. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

I might post a collection of shots from the crossing later as well actually. Just so we have a record that’s somewhere that isn’t Facebook.