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Once again puberty leaves the boys far behind

Leggy Pond

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So I reached out to good old social media to name the tadpole in today’s comic. It took a while because everyone seemed to think tadpoles deserved ugly names but when I clarified the tadpole was to be sexy we got there. Ryan Scott, who’s comics you can find here, came up with Madison. He’d also like you to know that Scarlett is not a sexy name.


Also, this tadpole was named Ashleigh because a girl named Ashleigh once bullied my sister-in-law and I now have the power to turn her into a tadpole with puny legs.


Oh the power.

↓ Transcript
The boys never really noticed Madison, until she got back from summer break with some striking new assets.


Delta 2 – Gravity Rush 2 Pixel Art

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Apparently it was only March last year that I drew Kat from the original Gravity Rush game, a title that I’ve been in love with from a distance since my fabled “uni days”.

I was pretty blown away to see a sequel is in the works, and I probably won’t be able to play that either because I don’t have a PS4! Damn, oh well.

Anyway, here’s what I assume is a baddy from the upcoming game, Delta 2. I drew it at work, so I didn’t spend as much time painstakingly translating as much detail over as I normally do.


I think I’ll have to draw Delta 1 next, she has the creepy point feet that I’m so accustomed to.

As is customary, look how dope this concept art is! Hot damn. The city looks so friggin awesome! The game has a January 18th release date.